Game made in 48 hours for #gmtkjam

In Bullet Warp your alien gladiator has a very unique gun; a weapon that can’t kill anything, but instead teleports the player to the object they shoot. The trick of it, is any object you shoot also swaps places with you. This serves many purposes, allowing the player to move quickly through the stage, avoid dangerous attacks, dodge traps, and to setup enemies to fall into the peril you just avoided.  Take satisfaction in freely running into mines and fire traps, and avoiding the repercussions by getting some poor robot to take your place. Delight in a machine being killed by the very bullet they fired moments ago at you. The point is, the only way to kill your enemies, is to set yourself up for danger. The swapping mechanic can also be used for puzzle solving. Things like, trying to figure out how to get both yourself, and another object out of the same room, like a swap tile puzzle.

Nic Phan - Audio

Kevin Williams - Art & Animation -

Paul Williams - Coding & Particles


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